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Yeah- were. Conditional.

It's funny that the only reason why I know verb tenses is from my spanish classes. I don't remember learning any of this stuff in english class.
I learned how to make proper conditional sentences in English through my Latin class; after all, they had to give us the proper English grammatical paradigms to translate the different Latin conditionals into, right?

At least in speaking and casual writing, I find that using the Right Conditional Forms doesn't go wrong. Not a lot of people say "If I were to do that, I would be an idiot!" these days, but no one misunderstands it, either. And when I write academic work, it fits in perfectly. I have more trouble deciding which forms to use when I'm writing fiction; I have to fight the urge to just let everyone speak 'properly', and consider what it's going to imply about the speaker if they do.