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Thread: How should I submit a revision to an agent who has changed agencies?

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin currerbell's Avatar
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    How should I submit a revision to an agent who has changed agencies?

    A literary agent reviewed my full manuscript in the spring. She shared it with her team and asked me to revise and resubmit. Six months later, I am just about ready to resubmit it, but she is now with a different agency. The new agency doesn't provide email addresses for individual agents and requires writers to query to a general email address.

    What is the proper way to submit a revision to her? I don't want to tweet at her or do anything rude or annoying. Should I send a query (to her attention) to the new agency's 'submissions' email address or use their contact form? Are there any etiquette rules that apply here?

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    The colors! THE COLORS! leahzero's Avatar
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    Just email her and ask. My former agent switched agencies before I got my R&R back to her, too. She accepted it at the new agency and signed me there.

    An R&R is a significant expression of interest in your work, so you don't need to be too self-effacing about it.

    ETA: I see you said the new agency doesn't provide individual email addresses. In that case, I'd suggested sending an inquiry to the general email, mentioning the requested R&R. Tweeting at her is not rude, assuming she's active on Twitter, as long as you don't bombard her with status requests etc.
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    Have you looked more places than just the agency site for the email addy? Sometimes they're listed on a particular agent's PM page, even if they aren't on the agency site.

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin currerbell's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Her PM page and her blog both direct people to the agency's 'submissions' page. I'll send it to the submission email with her name in the subject line and hope she receives it. Thank you both so much.

    She's active on Twitter, but I'm not, so I just feel weird tweeting at anyone. Haha.

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    Writer is as Writer does Terie's Avatar
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    To be perfectly honest, I think this qualifies as one of the good reasons to give the agency a call. I wouldn't ask to speak with the agent, though; I'd just explain the situation to the person who answers the phone. He or she may be able to advise you what to do or might pass you on to the agent.
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    My New Cat Is Too Big for Shoulders Corinne Duyvis's Avatar
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    I think either submitting to the general address or Tweeting her to ask is perfectly fine. She's already shown significant interest in your work; she really, really won't mind a Tweet from you about something like this. Even if you normally don't Tweet much.
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