I thought this study was very interesting.


A computer-aided analysis showed the cries of babies at heightened risk for autism were higher and more variable in pitch than those of babies not at heightened risk for autism, the researchers said.
This result was only true when the cries were caused by pain, such as when a baby fell and bumped his or her head, said study researcher Stephen Sheinkopf, a researcher at researcher at Brown Alpert Medical School's Women & Infants Hospital in Providence, R.I.
The three with the highest pitches of crying developed autism later.

Now granted, this was a small study, only 39 babies were studied, but it's very interesting to see the results that they could detect it as early as 6 months old.

I'm with the authors of this study that the earlier we can detect and start the intervention on children with autism the more we might be able to do for those children and their development.

I hope more studies like this can also finally put to bed the controversy over vaccinations.