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Thread: Dismember the Alamo: Texas group lines own pockets with funds intended for museum, says report

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    Dismember the Alamo: Texas group lines own pockets with funds intended for museum, says report

    In Texas, a Skirmish Brews at the Alamo, This Time Over Its Management, by Manny Fernandez (New York Times)

    The Daughters of the Republic of Texas have been in charge of the historic Alamo site in San Antonio for over a hundred years. But after a member brought up questions with the state (she was subsequently expelled from the group), Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott started an investigation.

    The groupís 2007 master plan for the Alamo budgeted about $10 million to expand the organizationís library at the Alamo complex ... The groupís Alamo budgets for the 2006 through 2009 fiscal years showed only $350 allocated for preservation-related projects each year.
    Although the roof of the Alamoís church, known as the shrine, had leaked since 1997, the report found that the Daughters did not approve a plan to repair it until May 2011. In addition, state money was used to operate the groupís library, although it is not a state facility, while the group improperly claimed ownership of the state-owned artifacts in the building, according to the report.

    Proceeds from the Alamo gift shop, which could be spent only to maintain and repair the site, were commingled with unrestricted state dollars and the organizationís own funds. In 2009, the Daughters sought to trademark ďthe AlamoĒ in the groupís own name, over the objections of Gov. Rick Perryís office. The report found that during that dispute, the Daughters improperly used state money to pay the groupís lawyers to negotiate against the state.
    Karen R. Thompson, president general of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, claims the report is biased and inaccurate.
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