Just checked, and I didn't start editing till December 3rd. So that means it's been 19 days for me to edit 16 chapters and an epilogue. Not all that bad, but it means I did take a few days off.

In other news, I tried playing my Wii, which was looking lonely, only to find my remote doesn't work anymore. Tried changing the batteries, and the Power button still doesn't do anything. This was a brand new remote at the start of the year, after my old one crapped out on me.

I think that if you don't use the remote for a long time, they just up and die. That's so annoying. Don't have the money to replace it, either, so I won't be playing the Wii anytime soon.

I kind of wish I'd bought an XBox360 instead... Their controllers tend to last a long time. Plus, better games.