So, I'm getting close to wrapping up a novel of mine (and it is gone quite well) and I was kicking around some ideas.

And I had an idea which might be the best...or worst idea of all time.

Here's the premise. Ian is your regular teenager. He's going to graduate soon, he loves comic books, he's got friends and so on. He is also gay. One day, Ian is out hanging with friends at a con and he meets Zack. Zack is gorgeous and easily the best vampire LARPer that Ian has ever seen. They hit it off...and then it turns out that Zack is actually a vampire.

He turns Ian (haven't quite figured out why, but that's inconsequential for the most part)

Then Ian goes, "Oh wow...I'm a vampire!"


"I'm immortal."

"Unless you get set on fire, staked through the heart, or exposed to sunlight."

"I'm super strong?"

"Well, yes, you have the strength of ten men, are superhumanly fast, can fly, hypnotize people-"

"I...can fly?"

"Yes, just don't do it on camera."

"Sure. Okay. I won't."

Then later that evening, Zack is sipping some microwaved blood from a blood pack. He turns on the news and the story at 11? A masked, costumed individual flew into a bank, foiled a bank robbery, and then flew out.

Cue bloody spit-take.

For Ian has become...A SUPERHERO!

Zack is not amused.