I've been checking out the posts here, by way of Google, and was happy to see some thoughtful, informed opinions about writing/publishing. I have a lot to learn; I've been writing poetry in my journal like a teenager (which I'm certainly not) for a long time, but finally got pushed into putting my writing out there. I am impatient, so jumped right into self-publishing before I even knew really what it was (A Deconstructed Heart; A Change in the Weather). I have really enjoyed the process so far, but I do have whiplash from getting up to speed so quickly with formatting/promoting/blogging! I'm sure I'm doing a lot wrong, so I'm here to learn.

The best part of having taken some steps on this journey (apart from getting nice reviews) is meeting other writers/readers and finally get over my fraidy-cat ways of hiding my writing. I've even started the process of sending out queries to print publishers, because, hey, rejection is simply the way of the game. I wish I had done this sooner.