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Thread: Newbie alert from far north!

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    Newbie alert from far north!

    Hi everyone!

    Yet another newbie here. My name is Katri, and I write together with my husband under a pseudonym T. K. Trian. We've been doing this for several years now. For some reason writing together really works for us.

    We write, broadly speaking, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. We once tried writing a YA novel, but in the end it didn't turn out so well, so currently we're working on books for adult audiences (well, kind of like, say, Joe Abercrombie's or Stephen King's works are often for adults though teens read them too...). Our heroes are usually heroines. Oh, and we strive for realism, even in fantasy, and tend to get nitpicky about fight scenes xP

    Anywho, we are planning to self-pub our first novel, Solus, sometime soon, but suffice to say we're still fledglings in this trade. Learning new things every day! Hopefully here as well

    Special thanks to admins for creating a Newbie Guide! That was excellent and useful, kind of makes things equal for everyone, so even if you're a long-time boarder, you aren't allowed to be a jerk I think one cannot underestimate the importance of guidelines especially on international forums as I've come to learn communication and (im)politeness conventions can mean different things to different people (I'm Finnish. For instance we don't even have a word for 'please').

    Thanks for having me and see you on the boards!

    -K. Trian
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    The female half of a writing outfit known as T. K. Trian. We write alone together. Currently working on Solus - The Darkness of Space: a sci-fi adventure.

    Our tactical center on the interwebz can be found and followed here:

    Sci-fi -- fantasy -- horror

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