So today I noticed the Wii U is in stores. Anyone bought one already? What do you think? Heard anything about it?

Here's what I've heard:

There will be a tablet to go along with the controllers, and this is where all the perceived problems lie.

1. Things happen on the tablet screen sometimes, which means you now have 2 screens to pay attention to when playing games.

2. Apparently you can only use 1 tablet per Wii U at a time. So this effectively ruins in-home multiplayer. I've heard you can still do multiplayer, with 5 players actually, but it's a case of 1 person gets the tablet and the rest get controllers. It seems the person with the tablet would have an entirely different role in the game than the other 4 people. I foresee many arguments regarding this.

So yeah, that's how much I've heard in my limited browsing.

Anyone got anything else to add? I've always been a Nintendo person, but I don't know... The reviews seem to indicate the Wii U is Nintendo's version of Windows 8, without actually coming right out and saying it. Great for some people, not very good for a lot of people.

I'm hesitant to condemn it, as I haven't used one yet. Hence opening this thread.