Hi everyone,

For about six weeks now, I have been doing everything I can to publicize my new book and drive visitors to my website. Traffic to the site has been steadily increasing and I'm averaging between 50 and 100 unique visitors a day now. Many of those visitors are interacting with the site and even visiting my online store where the book can be purchased.

I've also received a great deal of positive feedback—not only the expected stuff from my friends and contacts, but from a great many people I don't know.

How many sales has all of this generated? Four. Of course, we've sold many more to friends, family, etc., but you can't count those.

The book's website is www.hypoethicals.com. As fellow writers, your insight on what I might be doing wrong could be a big help. Is the book priced too high? Is the website unappealing? Does the book just not seem worth buying?

Be honest, I can take it (I think). I'm obviously too close to this to judge it objectively.