I am currently working on a new book not related to my other book in editing. I like it, and am enjoying writing it, but there are aspects of it that I think might be too old hat. I figured I'd ask here; I am aware of the "one story" archetype, but I fear that this WIP might be too much like other works along the same vein. Here is a sort-of synopsis that hopefully gives enough information. I'll get the trouble spots out first.

Earth got a new moon some fairly large amount of time ago and there is a rebellion happening on it. (Sounds like The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, I know.) The conflict stems between a large nations' alliance on Earth and the settlers on the moon not favored in that alliance. The leader of the rebellion - surprise, surprise - is a man in a mask not afraid to resort to violence. (A bit like V for Vendetta. I KNOW.)
Protagonist: The MC is a female who isn't totally sure why she came up to the moon in the first place--she's a painter with an anxiety disorder who wants nothing more than work on new pieces. The conflict starts to get worse as the rebellion starts moving in on the alliance's settlements and as the MC forms a friendship with the rebellion leader.

Is that enough to tell? Please and thank you.