I was fortunate enough to receive an in person request from the head of an agency to send my manuscript to one of her agents. I did. At first everything seemed to go well. We emailed back and forth. She wanted me to change a few things and I did. Then it seemed like I had a hard time getting her to read the full. She lost it at one point and I resent it, so it took a few months though many times during our emails, she said she'd get to it "next week." Anyway, I guess she finally read it, but she never said what she thought of it, she said she was sending it out to editors and if she received any offers then we could talk contract. I understand the logistics of it, but is that normal? Now, I try to stay in touch, just a brief email once every two weeks but the responses I get make me feel like I am bugging her and usually her response isn't at all addressing my email. For instance, last I wrote her I said I didn't expect an update yet and was writing to say hi and stay in touch and she wrote me back saying she had no news and it would take up to three months before she had any feedback and she'd be subbing my novel to editors "next week." Oh dear.

So here's my questions, is that normal?
I feel like I shouldn't email her anymore because I think I'm bugging her, and that can't be normal. Would it be okay to ask her to send me a list of who she subbed and when?
She hasn't offered to rep me yet and she's had my book exclusively for almost four months. I never promised to maintain the exclusivity but I feel that is the decent thing to do. I am so confused. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.