Well,...it seems my computer has officially crashed as of this morning (I'm typing this on my mom's comp). It's been having problems booting up since Monday. I'm going to get a new computer, but, since I work at Wal-Mart, mom told me to wait until December 6, when I can use a 10%-off voucher that I earned for working on Thanksgiving - in addition to my 10% associate discount.

As for the status of my story files, everything's intact. I was able to back everything writing-related up (downloaded videos, not so much x.x).

When I'll actually get around to writing again is anybody's guess, though, because, once I do get my new computer, I'll have numerous programs to download and re-install, lots of DVD-Rs and CD-Rs to go through and copy onto my hard drive, and lots and LOTS of YouTube videos and other misc. things to re-download.

The one bright spot (?) is the hard drives themselves might be intact (or at least my main drive; my slave drive suddenly became inaccessible on Monday); it might be the motherboard that's fried (the Gateway logo won't come on). There's a chance that I can someday retrieve my files.