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Thread: Blood Mother - sequel to Dead Roots goes live 13/12

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    Blood Mother - sequel to Dead Roots goes live 13/12

    The average American encounters eight supernatural beings in a given week. 98% of these occurrences go unnoticed. One in fifty paranormal happenings is aggressive in nature, and of these, only 5% are ever reported. As an Analyst for the Department of Paranormal Study and Defense, Tom Bell's job is to respond to that 5%.

    When a botched encounter leads to aggression from the barbaric Dry Ones of Louisiana, Tom heads to New Orleans to plead his case. There he finds himself embroiled in a brutal power struggle between the colony’s two leaders: pragmatic Judge Berenger, and bloodthirsty Archbishop Hatcher. With Keda growing increasingly unstable, old threats from Tokyo rearing their heads, and the mounting tension between the Dry Ones, Agent Bell will have to pull out all the stops to get out of here in one recognizable piece.

    The nightmares are back, and they're telling of a terrible power growing deep in the swamp…

    The sequel to my previous novel Dead Roots is now live on Kindle. Pick up a copy if you're so inclined. Remember to share and review!
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