In my WIP I have a protagonist who is a former LEO who now carries concealed (Likely a Ruger LCP or Baby Glock, maybe S&W Bodyguard) and I'm working on the history of when he was in the department. Our department has a vague policy on carrying backup weapons (concealed carry only for undercover so no concealed backups) and no formal policy on off-duty carry. Other departments I know of have anywhere from no policy, to a strict no carry policy or approved lists of backup weapons.

On duty the protagonist carried a Glock 22 (.40 S&W) and I'm thinking now he might carry a Glock 27 due to compatibility with his old duty weapon, which he still owns, or a Ruger LCP for pocket carry. I'm looking at having this have been his BUG or off-duty carry so he's intimately familiar with it (enough to survive a gunfight), whatever weapon I end up using (I'm thinking a Ruger in .380 so it's not a one-shot stop).

Given normal departmental policies, is this history plausible and believable? Florida, but outside the Miami/Orlando/Tampa/Jacksonville size of community. I know officers who have these weapons, just wondering if it would ring true in most areas of the US.