Not sure if this is the right forum, so if not, could a mod move/delete as applicable? I have set the link below also in the self-promotion thread re my upcoming release "Beryl", but since many here helped with the cover art, I thought it would be interesting to get opinions about my book trailer and how it transitioned. The link for utube is below, and/or a better quality version is on my site at

(I'd like to have the clip show up here in thread, but am not sure this is permissible or possible. If so, let me know the procedure and I'll make it so anyone interested in giving me feedback doesn't have to leave AW)

Opinions as to how effective the trailer is? I took many of the suggestions for the cover and applied them to the clip. I can still tweak (it never seems done, actually), but I need some objective eyes.

Again, hope it's okay to post the link here.