Yes, I know you can't "unpublish" something, but that's the term they use, so I'm going with it. I have been trying to get them to send my revised description to retailers for over a month and a half now - it really, really needs this revised description - but the customer service situation has just been ridiculous. I'm getting conflicting information, they're taking forever to return emails, not reading my questions properly.

Anyway, the latest message I got today is that I have to resubmit my MS in order for the new descriptions to go out to retailers. I am ready to just give up and pull the story - it is my weakest link as far as ratings go.

If you unpublish something from Smashwords, does it disappear from sites like Barnes & Noble or does the page remain, just say it's not available at this time? Same with Goodreads - will that book remain even though it's not available?

I'd rather just erase the whole thing from existence. It got some really awful reviews. A lot of people didn't get what I was going for - they expected a short story romance, and what I gave them was a cute meet and all the anticipation and excitement that happens before the romance. In the new descriptions I try to explain this (although it's a bit difficult to decipher in the short version because of the limited characters) but seeing as it's been six weeks now and I have nine million other things I'm trying to do right now, I'm ready to just kill the story. IF it's gone from B&N, Goodreads, etc. If that's not an option, I guess I'll keep trying to deal with Smashwords. Hoping the clear description will help with future ratings - if people know what they'll be getting ahead of time, I suspect they won't hate it so much. Or they'll hate it less. I don't know.

Sorry to sound all frantic. Am a bit stressed! Any information would be helpful, thanks.