Hi Everybody,

I've written little stories here and there, but not in a serious way. Painting and drawing were my passions, but lately, I've find writing all I care about. I've taken the time to educate myself on the subject. I didn't want to come here a total idiot.

I've read Self Editing for Fiction Writers by Browne and King, Writing Fiction for Dummies by Ingermanson and Economy, Goal, Motivation and Conflict by Dixon, King's On Writing, purchased several of Margie Lawson's packets, read most of her blog, and I have a few other books on the way. My latest read on writing was Sol Stein's book On Writing. He is my prose god. My gosh, I love that book. I'm now reading Getting Into Character by Collins.

All this knowledge makes me dangerous with a pen, so I need you guys to tone me down and straighten me up.

I've started my first book and some days I think it going great. Other days I think I'm the dummy Ingermanson was writing about.

Me personally:
I'm a substitute teacher in the winter and tour guide at a local museum in the summer. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in sociology in 2011 at the age of 58. I'm applying to grad school next year. I've been married and divorced, no children. I love dogs, but presently only have two parakeets. Pretty much an open book. If you ask, I'll tell you.

That's me, that's my introduction. Hope to meet some real nice people and have a good time improving my writing skills.

Thanks for letting me be a member. I'm a member of Romance Divas and used almost the same intro there. I apologize, but I'm in a hurry today. Lots of work and I need a couple hours for writing later this afternoon.

Thank you,