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Thread: The 40 Year Old Virgin

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    The 40 Year Old Virgin

    Rule number one of writing: Have a catchy title to your thread.

    I just joined over the weekend, and I'm not really sure what I'm going to be doing here. I've always enjoyed writing, from a very young age. I thought, at one point, that I was going to pursue it as a profession. Then I decided to fritter away my best years doing things that I thought were more important.

    During those years, I've been filling notebooks with my scribblings in my spare time, in secret. I've never published anything, and in fact I've never even shared any of my writing with anyone else. The only writing I've shared is the professional and technical writing I've had to do in connection with my work, and I've always been told I'm good at it. Great memo, there, D!

    So, as I'm facing the big four oh next year, I've decided it might be time to indulge the creative impulse I've been feeling all these years. I'm hoping to use this forum to inspire me to write more, first and foremost. And I hope that some of what I write will be good enough to share with the group. I have already learned a lot, just from reading the forum over the last couple of days.

    My interests are varied, and I'm not sure in what genres I'll be writing. Most certainly, short fiction. But I have experience in many different fields, and I'm drawn to write non-fiction as well. We'll see where it goes, won't we?

    Thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to meeting all of you in the community!

    --- D

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    Proud Literary Sadist justbishop's Avatar
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    Welcome! Sharing your writing for the first time can be scary, but if you aim to improve, it's worth putting in your time to accumulate 50 posts and tossing your stuff up in the SYW forums for ridicule constructive crit
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    Hello, and welcome!

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    Ha ha. Welcome. You're first rule as a writer succeeded. I saw it and was like 'Wha?' and then *click*. Welcome to the AW. There's a lot to learn here, very helpful for writers. See you around.
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    Welcome to AW!

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    Take some time and read the Newbie Guide and the Stickies found
    at the top of Forum pages. They are your best guide to learning about
    Absolute Write.

    We have lots of brilliant FAQs check them out.

    Members who want to start a thread in Share Your Work to have work critiqued need
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    critique other members’ works, or join a discussion.

    Announcements, Events and Self Promotion is for active members only. All obvious spam will be deleted on sight!
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    Welcome to AW! This is a huge site, lots of info. As a Newbie myself, I have found help and encouragement. Good Luck!
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    Welcome to the Cooler!

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    Welcome to AW!
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    practical experience, FTW drzimo's Avatar
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    Welcome to the Forum!

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    Behind you.
    Resources for Promoting on AbsoluteWrite:

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    Hi Showpony!

    Welcome to AW!

    Don't forget to read about AW basics in the Newbie Guide!

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    This common acronym list helps identify our mystifying abbreviations.

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    Questions about posting writing to the Share Your Work (SYW) area
    and explained here. This link covers the most common problems found in the Share Your Work *Worth reading no matter how long you have been here!*

    AW is a community built on the foundations of respecting your fellow writer and helping each other, it's the basic building blocks of how and why AW works.

    Welcome to our community! =)

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    Hello. to the Water Cooler!
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