Jennifer granted a lot of us releases from our contracts. I'm waiting to here back from somebody to see if I'll be released as well. Elise is gone as is half of their "marketing department" as C.A. Harms is now self-publishing. I heard something about authors wanting to press charges over Jennifer's Johnny Andrews scam, but I don't think anyone followed through.

They've put out a bunch of box sets, but the Limitless philosophy remains the same. No effort put into marketing or editing. No new success stories. I'm not sure what they could possibly be doing for J.L. Drake and Apryl Baker that they're still publishing with them.

We got an e-mail last week from "marketing" that was pretty shady. Jennifer is clearly back to her old Jonny Andrews tricks, trying to con her own authors into paid services.

"Happy Tuesday #TeamLimitless!

I am coming to you all today with two different opportunities we received via email.

The first piece of information covers author services (such as graphic design and tours) and it was sent to us by The Romance Reviews.

Dear authors,
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The Romance Reviews

Now, this one is truly an AMAZING opportunity!! We are constantly being asked what authors can do regarding pitching their books to movie producers and well, here's your chance! This is a legit event and prices are low. Check out the information below.

I’d like to take a moment and share an exciting event coming to the
Pacific Northwest: Connecting Writers with Hollywood.

CWWH is where producers, directors, literary agents, talent managers and
writers come together for 3 days of education, collaboration and

I’m reaching out to you because I’d like to invite you to a special
gathering, where you will have the opportunity to spend one on one time with
conference presenters. The producers and directors are there to receive
pitches from attendees.

This is a time to learn about what is going on with larger media

Conference dates are May 25 – 27, 2017.

To name a few presenters:

Brian Bird: As a 30-year veteran of the Hollywood film and television
business, Brian’s mission as a writer, producer and creative media
professional is to illuminate the power of great ideas through the medium
of Story – whether destined for theaters or the home.

In addition to being a founding partner with Michael Landon Jr. of Believe
Pictures, a film and television production company, Bird’s writing and
producing work comprises nearly 250 episodes of network television,
including such series as Touched By An Angel, Step By Step, Evening Shade,
along with his and Landon’s own original hit series on the Hallmark
Channel, When Calls the Heart.

Mel Eslyn: Producer & production manager

Mike Dill: Prior to starting Black Box Management, Mike got his start in
the mailroom at Spyglass. He worked in TV packaging at CAA for three and
a half years before moving into development as an exec at Shed Media in
2009, where Mike launched their U.S. scripted television division. In
2011, he partnered with Lowell Shaprio and together they formed Black Box

Mark Steilen: Co-Executive producer & screenwriter

Megan Griffiths: Director, writer & producer

Special Guest: Chuck Palahniuk!
and more…

Accommodations for the conference is at The Historic Davenport Hotel in
Spokane, WA:

Registration is here:

Last but certainly not least, we want to wish our amazing authors a HAPPY RELEASE DAY!!

Hope you all have a great day!"

So to answer your question, nothing is new. Limitless is still a very shady operation. Why would a publisher push cover services on their own authors?