I'm not in any way wishing ill on the man. It's just that even though his longevity is astounding, we all do eventually kick the bucket. The dude is 86 years old. How much longer can he hang on?


So when his time finally comes ....

1) Who will take over? (His brother Raul? He's likeiwse over 80 years old himself! What is this?? Papal succession?? -- j/k)

2) How stable can the new Cuba be under a new ruler? (I've been told that the US military finds him to be a stabilizing presense in Cuba, and thus they've always been opposed to any hit squad taking the guy out. But once he's gone, "stable" may or may not be applicable any longer.)

3) Would the USA see fit at that point to lift its 50-year-long embargo against Cuba?

4) Any other questions you might care to pose?