Heya all,

So, the focal point of 'The Enigma Files: Cursed' is of course an ancient Egyptian mummy and the mummified cat that stands guard by its feet.

My question is, are there any young pharaohs OTHER than Tutankhamen? I'd use him if a) it wasn't cliche, and b) his mummy wouldn't both be highly secured, and unlikely to be on hire to a small town museum...

Basically, something happens to the mummies and, one by one, children that were part of the museum trip start falling prey to mysterious accidents. The only thing in common is their statements (yes, they all survive. I'm not that evil), that a cat was somehow involved.

So, if anyone's got a king in mind I'd love to hear about them. Otherwise, should I make one up, one who's history is famous for his feline companion accompanying him everywhere, and who even guarded him from assassination attempts by a timely yowl...?

I'd do this, as a during connection between the pharaoh and his cat is a crucial plot element, but I'm a bit hesitant to make stuff up because - as Sheila and Laura can testify - I'm priding myself on having any factual elements in the EF books be exactly that: factual, not fictional.