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Thread: Querying over the holidays

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    Querying over the holidays

    I sent some queries to US agents over the two days before Thanksgiving. I wasn't thinking about the timing since I live in the UK (though I'm American and my book suits the US market).

    Four days with zero responses is agonising! (I did get a handful on Wed., including two partial requests - yay!) (I was always an impatient person, and the Internet has only made it worse.)

    Was it stupid to query the day before a holiday? Might it actually hurt me - i.e., will their inboxes be so full when they back to the office that they might be quicker to delete than usual?

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    Cadence of Her Last Breath Ms_Sassypants's Avatar
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    I think you just need time. But of course, querying over the holidays would mean a longer time to wait.

    2 request for partials. I would kill for that kind of response.

    Good luck!

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    Four days with zero responses? Four months is more normal.

    This topic comes up about every week. Query as soon as you have something ready to go. The only thing waiting ever doe is put you behind those writers who don't wait. Wait until after the holidays and you'll still be behind those who queried just before the holidays.

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    Query whenever you want. Don't worry about querying over the holidays. Your query will be in the inbox when agents return to work. I've actually gotten requests on the day after Thanksgiving (traditionally a day off for many in the US) and on Christmas and New Year's day.
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    The exception being the agents that have specifically posted that they're closed to queries, of course. A few in the U.S. have said they're done taking them until the new year, and anything sent between X date and Y date will be deleted. So don't worry about the holidays per se, but check their blogs and twitter feeds to make sure they don't have a "do not submit" sign up. If they don't, send. For exactly the reason Jamesaritchie said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Transatlantic View Post
    Four days with zero responses is agonising!
    "The horror, the horror."

    -- Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

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    Querying over the holidays

    Well, it's getting to be that time of the year... it's the holidays.

    I've been talking to a lot of my friends who are currently on submission and many of them had surprisingly different opinions about querying over the holidays.

    Some queried all year round no exceptions, but some intentionally stopped querying during December because "agents would give queries less thought in December due to holiday chaos... agents are people too."

    Any thoughts?

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    You can query anytime you want. Agents get to them when they can.

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    I figure they're also likely to be deluged with NaNoWriMo submissions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amadan View Post
    I figure they're also likely to be deluged with NaNoWriMo submissions.
    Oh, good heavens.

    That may or may not turn out well at all. Depending on the quality of the writing, of course.
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    I've heard that January is a notoriously bad time to query because of an influx in queries due to New Year's resolutions and NaNo, but I have no personal expertise in the matter.

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    practical experience, FTW
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    Didn't we just have a thread with the exact same title?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Ming View Post
    Didn't we just have a thread with the exact same title?
    We did indeed, Little Ming, and they cover the same ground.

    Merging in moments...

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    Learning to read more, post less
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    There isn't a time of the year when you can't find very good reasons not to query.

    Agents are human, which means they don't want to pass up the next bestselling writer, regardless of what time of year it is. Would you?


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