Something recently occurred to me: I have been exposed to very little vampire horror in my life. Plenty of vampire, little horror. I can think of Dracula, Carmilla and maybe three movies that I would really consider horror. The rest falls under fantasy, drama, dark comedy and action. I know there is "romance" too, but I would rather read about botched vasectomies than expose myself to that.

So I find myself with a sudden itch to read a proper scary vampire novel. A badass vampire-hunter dude in a trenchcoat blowing away dozens of vampires is all well and good. But I would like to see a more suspenseful, even psychological approach where a single vampire is a very real threat, and ordinary people are confronted by something unnatural and terrible.
I would like to see more of the horror inherent in the concept of an unholy revenant that preys upon man with powers beyond that of mortals.