The sacraments are a huge deal for Catholics. If you believe as they do, not doing the sacraments is breaking the covenant with their deity, and you'll go to hell.

One way the Catholic hierarchy controls the flock is to deny sacraments to erring parishoners. The most extreme example is excommunication, which is the denial of all sacraments.

This boy had a political picture on his facebook page, and then the local priest called to boy in and told him that he would not be confirmed.
BARNESVILLE, Minn. -- A Catholic priest in Minnesota has denied Confirmation to a 17-year-old student after seeing a picture on his Facebook page last month which the teen in which he expressed opposition to the state's failed anti-gay marriage amendment.

Lennon Cihak was pictured in front an altered campaign sign which original read “Vote Yes” on the Minnesota Marriage Amendment -- which would have changed the state’s constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman. Lennon had scribbled out the “yes” and replaced it with “NO!”
So, the priest is, if the dogma is to be believed, condemning the boy to hell for a political stance. Tax exemption, anyone?