I'm a disjointed, abstract thinker.

Also, I just so happen to be a disjointed, abstract writer.

So what now?
What I'm wondering is how to get around something like this -- you know, not come off as a disjointed, abstract person wielding a pen like some newb going up against dragons with a toothpick -- and at the same time still enjoy doing what I do.

As a reader I like filling in the blanks, thinking about bits and pieces that stick out -- I like paragraphs where the sentences don't always flow together... I like digging for things. I don't like being lead by the hand because leading by the hand and shown everything because show everything.

So, as a writer I think that may just be my problem. I just don't take you by the hand and... well for Pete's sake, you're grown. Do it your damn self; you got a brain, use it.

Am I wrong to assume everyone has one of those?
Or is it the wrong assumption to think that I can write something, and know that someone else might just get what I'm saying without having to sit down and spend hours crafting a single sentence that explains everything in the excruciating, vivid detail provided by visual and audio medias...?

Back to the question at hand:
The above is an example of what I mean. That being, the way in which I tend to think. And, how it is what comes out in my writing. (Derp.)

So is there any advice on how to think the way I do and yet write like everyone else... who doesn't have this 'problem'?

I wish I knew, because this is severely exasperating.