Okay. So I failed in my attempts over the last 5 years to avoid bothering AW with this question. I scoured library books, internet archives, asked people, etc. And I found no hint of a possible answer. So I'll start from the beginning.

My novel is a fantasy beginning in early Anglo-Saxon times (early 7th century). I know that most life during the time was agricultural, setting up and taking over the Wealhs/Britons after the fall of Rome, but here's my problem: Rome was a pretty big empire. They had huge architecture with advanced arches, pillars, palaces and coliseums... So how come there's no text of what happened to those places???

What did the Anglo-Saxons do with these structures? Did they burn them? Did they inhabit them? Did they just leave them there like landmarks to marvel at and then go on about their business? If they were somehow destroyed, how much was left at the 7th century?

I understand given the limited amount of research and data of the time, a lot of this question can be put up to speculation, but I don't even know what to speculate. I'm considering flying to England from the US and asking all historians I can find. If there is no answer, any comment as to how I might go about finding the answer to this question would be greatly appreciated. I am barely accustomed to the credit systems on online forums, but I would appreciate any input, whether for credits or kindness of heart. Please help. This question is consuming me!

Thank you so much.