Went pretty well here.

None of us are huge turkey fans, so this year we did beef short ribs, sous vide style. (basically boil-in-bag for at 150 F for ~40h) They were literally falling off the bone (yay!) but my brother has all sorts of food allergies so all I could season them with was salt and pepper (boo!). Overall I'd give them a B+. As a bonus, I got about a pint of beef jus out of the sous vide bags. That stuff is liquid gold. I'm trying to figure out what to do with it now.

I did a low fat potato gratin from Cooking Light that actually ended up tasting better than the artery attack that's been my historical go-to. Definitely a keeper.

None of us are crazy about pumpkin pie either, so I did a peach cobbler. It took about 5m of active prep time and it was really good. I left it in longer than I meant to, but that ended up being a good accident. The edges were all crusty & chewy, in a good way.

How'd it go for you guys?