Roadiegal66 here. Yes, I should be preparing for Turkey Day, yet here I am. I stumbled onto this site from elsewhere in the publishing world and discovered a great new community. Excellent!

I'm a veteran journalist, policy analyst, blogger, Lindyhopper, swing DJ, jazz fan, lounge lizard, style diva, foodie, wino, occasional writer of short stories and all-purpose Dragon Lady who is currently at work on her second nonfiction book (the first one was a while ago). This one's on the original 1926 path of U.S. Route 66 between Chicago and Joliet (the most ignored part of the route), so of course I want to connect with anyone else who has an interest in the former Main Street of America, Mother Road, whatever else you want to call it. And I've never been part of a writing group/forum/writers' support group like this before, so I look forward to the experience.

And since I'm the newbie here in that respect, I have a couple of resources to pass along if you don't already know about them. I notice a few good-looking threads here on publishers and agents. I used to follow ASJA's Contracts Watch, myself; but now that that information has changed form a bit and is no longer accessible electronically to nonmembers, the ASJA website still has a few departments that some of you may find useful. The first is their blog, The Word:

The other is their breaking news page:

Their links page includes some choice things, too. Be sure to check that out.

OOOPS: just found something **scary** on copyright at Publetariat: a memo on copyright 'reform' so controversial the GOP actually had to deny it ... yet here it is, on Scribd:

READ it, y'all -- it's nasty! I'll report this link on the appropriate subject thread.

Ciao for now, ragazzi!