In this day and age with so many young girls looking for their white knights in letterman jackets, would it be offsetting to have a boy pursuing the girl. My NaNo project and I have been having a disagreement over the amount of devotion Huck can bestow on Darcy Jane before it reaches stalker point.

Examples: When they first meet, Darcy Jane is hard up for an escort to cotillion. Her aunt, the wife of a state senator runs into another senator's wife and her son, the DLI Huck. Huck agrees, rather reluctantly to escort Darcy Jane to the event but doesn't tell her that he's been admiring her from afar until a brunch the next afternoon. From there he starts paying her all sorts of compliments, and buys her flowers and candy. Is there a point where romantic chivalry goes too far? Or is this even an avenue teenage girls are traveling down? A DLI that's romantic without acting like a possessive jerk or feeling like a stalker.

Any thoughts?