I'm at the point where this problem is interfering with my ability to post on AW and therefore I come less often, so obviously I need to get help! From this board, hopefully.

Problem #1:
When AW opens, the home page looks fine for a few seconds - everything is in place and reads clearly. But after that it essentially goes black - not every spot, and usually a photo, graphic and the banner remain in place, but an entire article, such as the one that currently talks about green eyed jealousy. Plus, I then have to remember where the forums link was and click on some place that no longer has words on it. This happens every time now.

Problem #2:
When I'm in the thread I go to (mostly purgatory) the whole screen slows down to such an excruciating pace that it either freezes up or I give up. Sometimes I persevere, but then I can't go through pages (and there are many if you are familiar with this thread) because it won't let me, or it goes at glacial speed. Then, should I actually get to post, my typing might be delayed. Oddly, this isn't happening right now, but it did just a few minutes ago.

I am wondering if it's a browser problem. I have a 5 yr old laptop (where did the time go?) XP Professional operating system, which only supports Explorer 8. Occasionally I go to a site that says it doesn't support my browser and I need to update it, but you can't update beyond 8 for XP. I don't have a problem like this with other sites, although in general the computer has slowed as I load more stuff on it and I know I need to upgrade memory or buy a new one, but hoping there is a short term solution.

Is there anything else you need to know? Any help would be appreciated.