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Thread: Beta Needed for 28k Coming of Age Novella

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    Beta Needed for 28k Coming of Age Novella

    This is my first time asking for a beta (who isn't someone I know), so here it goes.

    My story is a 28k coming of age contemporary novella about a lonely 19 year old guy who never seems to have things go his way. He has a knack for using the internet too much, and seeing the internet as if it were the real world around him. But when he meets the love of his life online, he loses touch of the real world. That, and the secret he hides from himself.

    This is a very introspective story, and there are crude words, but not very many. I'm looking for betas who would tell me honestly if they like it, and if they don't, tell me what they feel is wrong with the story. You can be a line-by-line beta if you like, but I'd prefer just a general sense of what's good/wrong with the chapters.

    Thanks. If you'd like, I can start off by sending you the first chapter, and if you wish to continue then we can go from there.

    Edit: Grammar and spelling are absolutely perfect. Don't worry, I'm very meticulous about that.

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    Contact me via PM.
    Tech journalist & aspiring fiction author...GeekTells.

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    If you're willing to swap, my novel needs a beta and it's about the same length. I posted about it here:
    PM me if you want!
    Querying a YA Contemp in verse. I've probably refreshed my email eight times while you were reading this sentence.

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    Could I read the first chapter?


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