Hi - another newbie coming up for air.

I'm a Kiwi and this is my first excursion into social media(?). A bit scary. I have completed two novels, one short listed to the final five of a major New Zealand writing competition( let's not get carried away - 508 entries. Not like your big comps over there). After a couple of unsuccessful queries to agents I gave it a major overhaul and send it out to the world. 25 reject later it was in for more major surgery. It was then taken by a local agent to the Frankfurt Book Fair. I now have three agents assessing the full manuscript.
We had a major earthquake here almost two years ago and felt like turning to something lighter to divert my mind from grim realities until my house undergoes major repairs. The result is a novel based experience,heresy and bullshit. I am interested to find if NZ humor 'travels' to overseas readers