I've completed one of three erotic novella's. (All three stories will be related, but can be read independently.)

I like to write my first draft, have someone read it and give their opinion, and then I start my second draft. I have limited time so this method helps me make as many improvements as possible on the next pass.

I'm not concerned with spelling or grammar. I would just like your opinion if it "worked" for you or not. I basically just need someone to read the juicy bits. Maybe there is a something that happens that takes you out of the story, or kills the mood for you. Maybe I am missing a feeling or a sensation that you can fill me in on. While I may be male, I usually write from the woman's perspective and yes, I miss the mark from time to time.

If interested, this section of the book deals mostly with D/s but it is soft as this is the first time the protagonist is trying this.

If you would like to trade, I am happy to offer my opinions on just about anything. I try to be fair and balanced in my critiques.

Thank you in advance.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that it is currently at 18K words.