Maybe. We'll see. But after a week of reality denial, vividly expressed by the genuinely shocked commentators on FOX, saner minds within the Republican Party establishment are emerging. Notable among whom is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who has now said: "If we want people to like us, we have to like them first."

Well, duh. But that puts him ahead of Mitt Romney, Karl Rove, Dick Morris and numerous other shitheads making political statements from the Right during the post-election week. I give him one gold star for saying this.

But what it really signals, along with similar statements by numerous other GOP luminaries, is a shot across the bow of the Tea Party movement. Maybe, just maybe, we'll get some minor amount of more sensible discourse from the Republican Party than we've seen much of in recent years.

In particular, many Republicans are now diving into the abyss of immigration reform, even to the point of suggesting (gasp!) that we might actually need some form of (gasp!) legalization of immigrant workers, or even (gasp!) amnesty. Getting killed at the polls by the fastest-growing minority demographic (Hispanics) will tend to do that, ya know?

Jindal's a player for 2016. He's also a Biblical creationist, from what I've read, and I'm almost certainly not going to support him for a Presidential bid, but it is nice to hear some degree of sense from an important person in the Voldemort Party.