Hey all, its been a while since I've been on the boards (been moving into a new place and all the crazy stuff that comes with it). A thought popped into my head when I was researching sleep aids and I thought I'd see if anyone could tell me this, since a Google search turned up negligible data.

Valerian root, known as Valerin in a store setting, is a sleep aid from nature. From my understanding, in very strong doses it can induce unconsciousness fairly quickly, disorienting the subject first before they lose consciousness. I want the book I'm working on (in which the killer uses esoteric means to subdue his victims) to be fairly accurate, so I was wondering if anyone could suggest roughly what dosage would be used. Please note the killer is smart and therefore won't be ordering Valerian in its basic form, but going to a drug store and buying a supplement off the shelf. From what I can tell, a caplet of Valerian holds anywhere between 100-400 milligrams per capsule, depending on the quality of the extract.

My question is: how many of these caplets would be needed for the victim to at the least be disoriented? I'm assuming around 2-3000 milligrams, but I wonder if that's a bit high or low. Any help can be appreciated. I'm great as far as the rest of the 'esoteric means' are concerned, but this one is a concern and I didn't want to use something that everyone uses, GHB or Rohypnol.