I'm looking for beta readers for my YA…contemporary fantasy? Urban fantasy? Light sci-fi? Anyway, it's YA.

Half-assed description:

Seventeen-year-old Guin has studied for years as an apprentice Weaver, able to open windows into other realities. She and her partner Griffin are ready to set the insular Weaver world on its ear with their impressive client list and growing reputation. At least they were, until Griffin started losing his grip on their reality. Now her mentor wants Guin to write Griffin off and work with a new partner.

Then Guin discovers that his condition isn’t as hopeless as everyone seems to think. Sure, there are risks involved, but she’ll do whatever is necessary to hold on to him. The only problem is, Griffin has other ideas.

It's about 80K, and the first scene in SYW is linked in my sig. Language and content may be upper YA range. Anyone allergic to multiple (2) first-person POVs should pass.

I would be thrilled and honored to swap (I could probably offer the most useful critique for YA, but I'm willing to try almost anything).

Thanks in advance.