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Thread: Can anyone recommend a great ebook app for Andriod phone?

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    Nov 2012

    Can anyone recommend a great ebook app for Andriod phone?

    Just recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy SIII, primarily to use it to read ebooks, and also to test my own ebook once it's published. I won't check tablet format, as it's very close to my laptop screen size and I can use epub there to check it.

    However, I'm keen to sample ebooks on a phone because it's such a small screen size - but I think the market share for that is huge in ebooks, and so easy to take anywhere.

    I came across an ebook app called Aldiko for reading on an Android phone. Can anyone comment on the quality of this app? Any other top picks for ebook reading on phones? Any advice would be greatly appreciated - Thanks!

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    Apr 2012
    I've used it, but I prefer Kobo (it reads ePub and PDF formats I think...I've only used it on iPad).

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    I have found Kindle for the Android to be perfectly pleasing. It has mostly the same features as the iPad or PC app does. I discovered that I can read books on my phone in a bar, and that's somehow socially acceptable, even though reading a paper book in a bar is not


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