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Thread: Advisor for fantasy short story 3.6k

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    Advisor for fantasy short story 3.6k


    I was just wondering If anyone would like to give some advice on my latest short story on how I can improve as I just seem to be stalling if not getting worse...

    I was going to post in SYW section but I recently had something in there and I dont want to clog it up with more of my crap. So I thought I would look for one willing reader.

    Its a fantasy thing with a bit of shapeshifting and sorcery at about 3.6k

    I'm open to returning the favour, though I dont have much expertise just yet..

    Thanks for reading.
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    I'm willing to give it a read and offer the most inexpert opinion found on AW.

    Well I'm a better beta-reader than a writer, but that is not saying much, ha. I may have delusion of adequacy with plot, structure, pacing and consistency. You don't want any feedback from me on grammar or style,ha.

    I am working on my first foray into the writing world with a short story and could use an honest opinion and pointers on what I'm doing wrong, well it will probably be shorter to advise on what I'm doing right, ha.
    If you don't mind attempting to read the worst garbage on these forums then I'll gladly exchange WIPs.

    Even if you don't want to exchange I'll still gladly read through your WIP and provide an honest and constructive critique.
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    I need more ideas.


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