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Do you have to have a TOC in your e-book? 'Heart Song' has 45 chapters and I really don't want a bunch of pages at the beginning of my book with nothing but, ONE, TWO, THREE, etc.

Don't readers have another way to keep their place or do they rely on a TOC?

Then, if I do have to have one, can it be put into the back of the book?

I've been working on formatting my novel, then my neighbor gal will come and guide me through Calibre and getting it published on KDP. I'm excited, but it's important that my book be as professional as possible. I know you all understand that. Thanks for any advice you can give me.
I just made an omnibus version of all my books, so I had to make a TOC or it would be a nightmare for a reader to navigate with four books totaling over 320,000 words. One thing I noticed was that some people were putting them in the back of the book, so that is what I did. With an ebook, it's just as easy to go to the back of the book to click a link as it is the front, and it also helps that the 'Look Inside' isn't taken up with pages of chapter links.