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I can't scribble notes in the margins -- while I can add annotations in some readers, I can't use the shorthand symbols that I had been using to mark up paper books.
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I just physically and mentally shuddered.......

You are never borrowing one of my books!
I never mark up novels, but I definitely mark up nonfiction like crazy. By and large academic texts are not on e-readers, and I probably wouldn't want to read them on one because I take lots of notes in the margins. I know some of my colleagues do all of their note-taking on their laptops or using iPads or whatever else. I just can't get into that. I also loan out my academic texts. It does drive me crazy, though, when someone loans me a book with their markings in it. I want to find the point for myself!

Ah, I guess that means I agree with the author in certain ways.