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Thread: Hi-Content Writers

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    Nov 2012

    Hi-Content Writers

    Hi everyone - I found this great forum (thank God for that!). My name is Imran and I'm from Canada but currently residing in Pakistan.

    I am working on launching a free bi-monthly (every two months not twice a month) magazine. It was originally only going to be an ad-centric one but I thought why not give the readers something more. I was looking into filler content for the different sections when I found this writers paradise. If you have any tips or guidance, feel free to drop me an email or pm.

    FYI the mag sections include:

    Shopping & Fashion

    Pets & Animals
    -Directory of local stores

    Food & Drink
    -Restaurant Reviews
    -Directory of telephone numbers.

    -Picture Tours
    -Travel Tips

    Health & Beauty

    Auto Buzz

    Money & Business

    Science, Technology & Internet
    -Hardware and Software Reviews
    -Tech Support (Question/Answers)

    Random Writes
    -Other stories, articles, interviews, short stories

    Kids Corner

    -Movie, Game & Book Reviews
    -Funny Stories
    -Games & Puzzles

    -Airport Number
    -Cab Co. Numbers
    -Emergency Numbers

    Also if you guys have any content that you feel can fit in please let me know. Small 150 to 300 word tidbits and Short stories/reviews 500 to 800 words would be great. Please note I cant offer much as right now because the first few issues will be going straight from my pocket with most likely no ads just blank ad spaces.

    This isn't supposed to be a marketing post but I guess it just turned out that way
    You can call this my super intro.

    EDIT: The mag will be called VMAG, unless you guys can think of something better
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    It's great to have you here

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    I'm moving this to NonPaying Markets. If the OP returns with a pay rate then I will switch it to Paying Markets.
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    Thank you for the move.

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    volitare nequeo AW Moderator veinglory's Avatar
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    right here
    By 'not ad-centric' do you mean their will be no ads or other monetization?
    Emily Veinglory

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    Nov 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by veinglory View Post
    By 'not ad-centric' do you mean their will be no ads or other monetization?
    Actually it was only going to contain ads and be distributed freely. However I thought readers should get something extra and since its bi-monthly they would be more likely to keep it if it had useful/interesting content.

    Its still going to be free. I plan on having it placed at local cafes and coffee shops, which there are an abundance of as well as have it distributed in posh localities.

    I would appreciate it if you guys could let me in on the going rate for small stories around 250 to 300 words. You know like the ones in Readers Digest, funny stories or stuff that has happened to you in real life.




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