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Thread: Crushes needed for YA novels?

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    Quote Originally Posted by missesdash View Post
    Asexuality is something I think I'd have a really hard time writing. I tend to end up with accidental sexual tension between characters because I write all types of relationships really intensely.
    Heh. Sounds like we balance each other out. Naturally, I think all my characters come off as asexuals since sex is the farthest thing from my mind, so inevitably that comes off in my writing. Only my male MC is a confirmed asexual. (I also don't like to make my character's sexuality their #1 defining characteristic.)

    Quote Originally Posted by ArachnePhobia View Post
    I can second this. I also faked crushes. I even went on a few dates with guys who asked (although the lack of second date requests makes me think they could tell something was different about me). In my case, I wasn't so much trying to fit in as aiming for invisible. Pretending you feel like everyone else is a good way to turn yourself into scenery and avoid difficult questions and situations.

    EDIT: I'm not saying turning yourself into scenery is the right thing to do or that I'm proud of it, just that I did, and that was why.
    This is what I meant by "fitting in". Considering I didn't know "asexuality" existed until I was out of high school, it was much, much easier for me to pretend I was "normal" because I didn't want to invite questions I didn't know the answer to. I was (am) very much like ArachnePhobia in that I just wanted to get through high school by being under the radar.
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