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Thread: How to keep up with the market?

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    How to keep up with the market?

    Couldn't find this anywhere when I searched it (and I'm hoping I put this in the right place). I'm just wondering, what is the best way to keep up with literary trends/the current market? It seems like the obvious answer would be to read everything in your market, unrealistic for most people, I think. For instance, I'm a college student, and as anyone who's been through any form of higher education knows, finding time for pleasure reading (on top of performing well academically and finding time to write) is nearly impossible. Even if I did have time, I have no idea how I'd even go about it--do I go choosing books from my genre at random? Or...what?

    ETA: (I realize this problem may not apply to everyone because people generally tend to do their pleasure reading within the genre they write. I don't do that. Because my pleasure reading consists of classics, many of which are a hundred years old or more. So, it may just be that I'm market-ly challenged, and will have to do more work).

    So, does anyone know is there's a way to keep up with the market without reading a million and a half books? Or am I searching for a shortcut that doesn't exist?
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