This is.... I don't have a word for it yet:

Now we've arrived at the latest iteration in digital warfare: when military operations are liveblogged in real time, and the updates are delivered right to your social newsfeed.

Over the past six hours, Israel's military has been hammering Gaza with a barrage of missiles. The IDF's public relations team, meanwhile, has just as steadily been covering the offensive -- updating its Twitter handle, @IDFSpokesperson, with the play-by-play on Operation Pillar of Defense. Within moments of the opening salvo, IDF officials announced that they'd killed the top operative in Hamas' armed services.
Read the entire thing. It just gets weirder. The IDF tweeted for the Hamas to gtfo or die. Hamas replied *on twitter* and said, essentially "no you."

My younger sister has conversations like this online when her and her best friends get in fights.