Or at least the ones that look like they could be good. These games are rather far off, with the exception of one.

Embers of Caerus:

  • Level-less and class-less
  • Only one server planned
  • Player-influenced storylines
  • Apparently designed for 1st-person
  • Skill-driven combat
  • "In EoC death hurts, badly. Not only do you drop your gear, but your character has to recover from their wounds before they will be much help to anyone - assuming their body survives their death at all!"
  • Naval systems
  • Siege warfare
  • "Set your land's laws as you see fit and have your guards enforce them. Negotiate political agreements with in-game tools, forging alliances, lease agreements, and more!"
  • Player housing and city-building
  • "Nearly every item is either created or supplied by players. Invest in resources, goods, or the businesses themselves, become a rich tycoon, or just strive to crash the market of your competitor to make them an easier target for the local bandits."
  • Player-influenced or created religions
  • They're doing something with magic . . .
  • Apparently has 12 factions to begin with, plus the ability to make your own, I think. I'm not sure about the latter.

ETA: Q4 2015, long time coming.
Model: Subscription

Citadel of Sorcery:

  • Apparently there are no grocery list or fetch-style quests.
  • They don't really describe them, but here's what they say they'll have for game options: Missions, League Actions, Campaigns, Warfare, Incursions, Adventures, Crisis, Monster Trapping, Bounty Hunting, Races, and Expeditions
  • World changes on a daily basis: "The Reflected Worlds change; every place you went to yesterday could be different today and likely will be. Towns can burn down, yet others will be built. Land is changing hands in the war, kingdoms rise and fall, and most importantly players can cause changes in the world."
  • They say their world will actually be the full size of planet earth, which leads to the travel systems--a mount at the beginning of the game, teleportation via Stepping Stones, and flying mounts that can move you along at thousands of MPH inside air corridors.
  • "No player will ever complete their map of the world, but they may continuously make it better. They can explore the world on their own, and their map will fill in as they do so in that area. They can buy small mapped areas of world, in various qualities, and have those added to their own world map. You can even sell portions of your map to other players for profit. Map creation is an entire game play element, but only one of many."
  • "Example: You have been tasked with bringing a small Kingdom back under Citadel control. Right now the King of that country is fighting a revolutionary group, who wants to throw down the King. Do you back the king and kill the rebels? Or, do you join the revolution and take down the king? You canít answer this yet; you will need to go into this story and learn things, so that you can try to make an informed decision on your actions, but whatever you choose there is no going back. Your choice will matter, and it will change everything.

    But our quests donít just have a single choice like this, they have many such moments. Not only that, but behind the scenes the game is making choices. This time the king is a minion of Morphael, and you can uncover that fact, but for another player, the King might be on the Citadelís side, but the rebels are being duped by a Grim Spirit. The only way to know is to play through the story, make your decisions based on things you witness and discover, and arrive at the grand climax with a purpose you have chosen. This is a real story, not a task.

    However there are many types of game play options in CoS, long deep stories, mid length, and short all depending on your mood. But if you donít want those kinds of play, the game offers other things, like Monster Trapping, or Bounty Hunting, where you can seek a criminal (or that guy that knocked you out and stole your sword!). There are many types of stories in CoS."
  • "As you progress your personal story through the game, adding new chapters that seem to flow naturally from one to the next, you will also be progressing through the larger Epic story of the entire world as it evolves. The Epic Story is what drives the events of the world, with each playerís story being a unique thread in that tapestry. In the end, you will reach the Grand Climax of the Epic Story, and face a challenge based on what you have done throughout the entire game. The Epic Story ends in a massive climax, but your personal story will continue."
  • "We had to talk about this, even though the words ĎEnd Gameí donít apply to CoS. Our game play has no end. When the Epic Story of Citadel of Sorcery is completed your personal story continues. So there is no ĎEnd Gameí repetitive grind in Citadel of Sorcery, simply because you may continue to play quests, without level cap, and continue to advance your character for as long as you remain in this world. The climax of the first game in the Reflected Worlds is not the end for your character. As we create new games in this universe, your character may move on, and continue their advancement in new Epic Stories."
  • "CoS allows you to evolve your character endlessly, and without restriction. You may learn any of 1890 Abilities, and over a hundred more Uber Abilities, and every player, of every race may learn any combination of these. Each of these Abilities can also be improved through study and practice. This means that no two players will likely be exactly the same. There are no character classes, or equipment restrictions. Become whatever you want, even changing your race during the game, without having to restart another character. Because there are no level caps, you may expect to take this character into the next game built in this same massive world."
  • "We created our own system of crafting for CoS that allows every single piece of Equipment to be customized by the player. All items have a potential crafting value, and players may uses up this potential in many ways, creating a huge variety of magical equipment in the world. All improvements are done through adventuring, not time sinks or grinds. Find a treasure with a Talisman or Charm, and that may be worked into the item. Find a gem or glyph and add it to the weapon. Use ancient artifacts you uncover and empower, then take the item to a place of magic and add the power of that artifact to your crafted item, instantly. Make a Mundane object into a Magical object of YOUR choice, with the powers you want it to have."
  • "For example, players can play chess, checkers, Hearts, bet on races, go dancing, gamble in a casino, go to roman style baths, visit a menagerie, visit the museum or go to a theater performance. Players may also rent a Theater. There they have control of sets, spotlights, curtains, backdrops, etc., and we pipe the sound from the actorís voices or music to anyone sitting in the theater seats. Players may even sell tickets to other players when they rent a theater and put on a performance."
  • "We really wanted Guilds to have wonderful improvements, so we spent a lot of time making great new features. First off, Guilds may own a piece of the world. There they may build a Guild hall, and continue to add on and improve it as long as they wish. In addition, they may give or lease land around the guild to their guild members, who may then build houses and businesses. Other players (not in the Guild) may visit these player built towns, where they may shop and socialize, though only guild members and prospective recruits may enter the Guild Hall.
    Guilds may compete against other guilds if they choose, in several game options, including Arena PVP, races and other elements. Smaller guilds may also form alliances so that they can compete with larger guilds. Guilds may also go on special Campaigns, tailored just for their members."
  • if you're interested: http://www.citadelof.../new-technology
  • I won't go into the lore or races.
  • Their latest video was interesting at least: youtube.com/watch?v=B-Xj-VaYrvg

ETA: Unknown
Model: Free and subscription forms of playing


  • Their website is rather incomplete ATM and they haven't really spilled all the beans yet IMO.
  • The best resource is probably their videos: http://www.wildstar-...e.com/en/media/
  • I recommend the Housing video at least, it's fairly amusing.

ETA: Unknown
Model: TBA

The Repopulation:

  • Features--they haz them.
  • I know, you didn't see that coming right?
  • "The action takes place on the planet Rhyldan, with the only known remaining human population fighting for their very existence. The indigenous life forms did not meet their colonization efforts with open arms. Worse yet, humans have managed to splinter themselves into warring factions. It is a sandbox oriented MMORPG with an eye on innovation."
  • Starts with two factions, but players can create their own, third faction.
  • Players design their own homes and cities
  • Nations may have multiple cities
  • There will be the ability to attack other cities
  • Mayors can be assigned to oversee a city and manage it using strategies. Keeping your citizens happy is important.
  • Military advancement system which rewards players with unique titles, abilities and items.
  • Create up to 99 ranks for your nation, each with their own customizable names and settings.
  • An Advanced Generated Mission system allows us to create complex multi-stage missions which are tailored specifically for your character.
  • Missions can have branching outcomes based on a playerís actions.
  • Your actions will be remembered by NPCs, and they may exploit your tendencies if you let them.
  • Missions are not all combat oriented. There are crafting, harvesting, diplomatic, and other non-combat variations available.
  • No Levels
  • Skills based gameplay which features 75 unique skills, and 14 tiers within each skill line.
  • Players are not forced into combat roles. Crafting, harvesting, diplomatic or other non-combat oriented skills can operate and progress independently of combat.
  • Skills increase automatically through use. Abilities are earned and not given automatically.
  • Skill Imprinting system allows you to imprint knowledge of skills into yourself, to make up for time lost while doing activities such as missions.
  • Fitting system allows players to customize their appearance and stats to their playstyle.
  • Most of the equipable items in The Repopulation are cosmetic shells which set the category of armor or weapon in that slot. The bulk of their stats come from their five fitting slots.
  • Engagements are similar to public quests which can mutate and spread throughout an area, changing its appearance or content.
  • Settlements can turn into dungeons and towns can be overrun. Allowing this to happen can seriously alter the content available in an area.
  • There are pets and you can do things with them.
  • Advanced Crafting systems which allows players to create thousands of variations of items through a total of 23 different trade skills.
  • Harvesting system allows players to harvest their resources in both combat and non-combat related fashions. Over-harvested areas will run dry of resources and recover slowly, rewarding players for discovering more remote locations.
  • There will be an auction house.
  • Two distinct modes of combat: Action Mode and RPG Mode. RPG Mode works like traditional RPG combat. Action Mode allows players to control the game in ways similar to a First Person Shooter. You can toggle between these modes at any time.
  • Several twists to make combat more interesting including Momentum, Limb Targeting, Species Mastery, Energy Shields, Cover, and Postures..
  • Generated special abilities system for bosses will force groups or raids to adjust on the fly when fighting bosses, rather than simply looking up spoiler information on the internet.
  • Vehicles can be used to hurt people.

ETA: Q4 2013
Model: TBA

Greed Monger:

ETA: Unknown
Model: Item Mall


  • AKA, The Exception
  • The only truly notable feature is The Foundry, AKA, that thing that lets you create your DnD own stories in 3D style.

ETA: Q1 2013
Model: Item Mall


  • I'll be honest, I'm not even sure this thing is still in development. It's been 4 months since the last update.
  • Their website design needs help.
  • Housing
  • Naval battles
  • Apparently they'll have a legal system
  • If sentenced for a crime you may reduce your sentence in various ways, or break out.
  • You may form parties that go out to explore, conquer, build, and conquer some more.
  • Siege warfare
  • You can underachieve and overachieve on quests.

ETA: Unknown
Model: TBA