So, I think I may have contracted an HDD rogue virus on my laptop. All of a sudden, all these windows, stating something about "write errors," popped up on my computer. Another appeared, saying something about a hard drive failure. Then it told me to reconfigure. I didn't, suspecting it was bogus. So instead, I did a system restore. I did this once before on my desktop when I contracted the S.M.A.R.T. virus and everything went back to normal. However, when I performed it on my laptop, all my documents disappeared. Also, I can't change my desktop background, nor can I get my antivirus program to open. I then tried restoring to an even earlier date but to no avail.

I'm worried that I did some serious damage to my laptop. Is there an easy way to fix this? Do I need to take it to a repair place, or did I destroy everything?

Any advice would be appreciated.