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Thread: Non-insured hospital stay in USA

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    Non-insured hospital stay in USA

    In a large American city, either current day, or just a few years ago, when an uninsured patient was treated to emergency care only if they didn't produce a means of payment.

    Here's the situation as I'm planning it.

    Teenager took a beating and suffered a concussion. He was taken to hospital and given basic care until he recovered consciousness. He can get MRIs and such, or not, I don't really care about treatment while he's under since he's unconscious and the story is from his POV (though if there's anything he would notice upon waking in his hospital bed that'd be good to know). Once he's up and about the hospital discharges him immediately.

    Does that sound about right?

    Is there anything else? What kind of ward would he awake in? Long room with multiple curtained-off beds or something?
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