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Thread: Newest dumbocity (dumb + atrocity = dumbocity) from our school

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    Newest dumbocity (dumb + atrocity = dumbocity) from our school

    In advance of the kids reading S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders, a teacher posed some questions to the kids to have them thematically on the same plane as the book.

    One of the questions was whether the kids thought violence was ever an acceptable way to resolve a conflict.

    One kid, a good friend of my daughter's, answered that yes, he thought that sometimes violence is what gets a result. The teacher asked him to stay after class.

    (Prepare to facepalm.)

    After class the teacher just wanted to say to him that she "found your answer just so interesting because Ghandi was a pacifist and he was from India and you're also from India..."

    Good lord.
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