I'm not a huge fan of the Red Cross, mostly b/c the monies don't always go directly to the root of the disaster of the day, as it were. They end up being funneled to recoup the coffers.

What's desperately needed in the Tri-State area is the replenishment of the food banks; they've essentially been depleted. Some of this is due to loss of power from Sandy, and all food items had to be tossed as a result. Other causes are the obvious; the rise in lines for meals due to displacement. There are literally thousands of people who have no home/power as a result of this storm.

If you can Google food banks in NY, NJ & CT and donate directly to them, you guys would be even more awesome than you already are

I myself am going shopping for non-perishables to take to a shelter in Fairfield in a bit who lost all their food.

If you could see the lines, well, you'd think we resided in a 3rd world country

I was so touched by the scenes of the people of LA packing up cartons of food and water to send by Amtrak to their "brethren" in NY, NJ & CT.